Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blur and Reset?

          The last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. Lee & I both have been very busy. I broke my foot, we both have traveled out of town but not together, we have company, and have had events we attended. It has been a blur. I have felt “off” and basically a little lost lately. I haven’t said anything to Lee about it, as we have both had so much going on. But in all honesty I am just not feeling it, this scares me. We have come so far, and I don’t want to go backwards, I just can’t go backwards.
          We talk on the phone almost every day when I am on my way to work in the morning, this morning I was a little short with him, not on purpose just tired & cranky I guess. I later received a very lengthy email from him.
          I was actually surprised by what he said (can this man read my mind)? Surely not or I would be in trouble all of the time!  The email said, the past few weeks have been a blur and I feel the need to reset our basic DD principles. The email continued with him listing several things we needed to discuss and the plan he has established for us to get back on the correct path for us.
This man of mine amazes me. He really does get me, us, what we both desire in our relationship. I might not like all of the plans he stated in the email but I am overjoyed that he realizes that we have been kind of “off” and I didn’t have to say anything, or even brat!

We shall see where this leads us, hopefully back on the right path, not his path, not honey’s path, but Our Path. The path that brings us closer together each day, that can almost be overwhelming to me when I feel his ability to lead me where I need to go. The feeling that I crave so deep within. The feeling I know it must give him, knowing now how much I need him. The feeling of love deeper than I had ever felt before starting on this path of ours. I can’t wait! Ready! Set! Reset!


  1. That is so awesome that he is able to realize it and get you guys back on track! I know all too well how life can get in the way of DD and it just makes you feel off. I am happy for you :)

  2. Thanks Sassy!!! Still feeling "OFF" UGH!!!

  3. Happy LOL Day Honey. Glad to hear that you and Lee are back on your path. Hugs.

    Ms Kate

  4. Aw, I hope youre not feeling off anymore. I know the feeling, but in my experience, going through this stuff, really will make you and your DD relationship SO mucj stronger.