Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hoping all of my lovely DD friends had a wonderful Christmas! I know I have. Well… mostly I have. It can get a little complicated when you are staying with your parents and also have your mil with you for a little over a week. I start feeling a little “off”, it also doesn’t help when Lee tells me he has to leave the country again! It has been awhile but I wasn’t expecting this trip. He doesn’t leave for 2 weeks but I am already dreading it.
I have received some wonderful Christmas gifts from my friends that I have met in chat. We have become “real” friends as well not just DD and not just chat friends. I will share those with ya’ll as soon as I get back home I want to take some pics of them to share. I just love all well… almost all of them. I will explain that later.
As I was saying I am feeling a little off, not very tih’y at all. It is difficult at home when Princess is there, but really difficult when your mother in law (who is a wonderful sweet woman) is staying with you for over a week and then we all go to my family’s out of town for a week! No time for one another. No just “us” time. UGH! Too many people around all of the time, and the walls are very thin here.
It seems when I am back home with my family I go back not to my bossy demanding sweet self, just feeling very disconnected. Mostly because there is not much alone time I suppose. Then it starts going through my head, why do I need this lifestyle? Will we pick up where we left off? Do we start from the beginning again? I know my family has noticed a change in our relationship, they have made comments about it. They also have noticed a change in Lee. I know he has changed, I have changed, we have changed. We both have changed and it has made our relationship so much better.
I know I am kind of rambling I don’t mean to just seems to help me to write my feelings down it seems. I am hoping we pick up right where we left off before so much family & company was around. I guess we shall see.
Hoping all of my sweet friends had the most Merry Christmas! I am lucky to have met so many of you and thankful how you helped myself and Lee grow so much in our relationship.  I wish you all of the best for 2014! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Not on Holiday!!!

It all started this morning around 5 a.m. Well I guess it actually started last night, well maybe it really started Wednesday or Monday. I am not sure exactly when it started. I seem to get confused when I have a few days off. I am sure some of you know what I mean. When you are off a few days from work Friday can seem like Saturday or on Saturday you might think it is Sunday. It can be so confusing.
Unfortunately I woke up this morning as Lee was leaving for work. I was so thirsty, Lee being the sweet, loving husband he is offered to get me a drink. “Coke please” It seemed to take him forever to come back upstairs. He came back upstairs with water. “I wanted coke”. I was so thirsty though I drank almost the whole glass. He waited standing beside the bed and took my empty glass. I told him “Thank you” and proceeded to curl myself up in all of my soft blankets to drift off back to sleep.
He leans over to kiss me and whispers, “Honey, seems you have taken some cigarettes, you will be back on track tonight” then proceeds to walk out. “Wait, wait, wait, you didn’t give me mine last night, so yes I took a pack”. He let me know he did give me my “allotment”.  I don’t remember him giving them to me. See this is where I get confused, kind of like what day it is when I am on vacation or "on holiday". You did not give them to me, I don’t remember you giving them to me. He insists he did, how many, and what time. He also tells me as he is leaving this will be dealt with tonight.
I rush downstairs after him, please tell me he hasn’t taken all of them with him, I can’t just stop cold turkey. I try and explain to him that I am on vacation, “on holiday”, I get confused. I just love the term “on holiday” it sounds so cute. We should say that more often in the south. It sounds so much better than “on vacation”. Ok. Well maybe he did give them to me, we know my memory is not as good as his.
He tells me you have went over your allotment for days, you are not drinking water, you are drinking too many cokes, you are not eating fruit. You have taken advantage since we have had company for a week. This will be dealt with tonight. Wait! I am on holiday! He let me know I do not get a holiday from “our rules” we have made. I try to explain to him, (in my sweetest southern voice) but, we never discussed that, I just assumed I was on vacation, on holiday. You need to be more specific on this kind of stuff, I get confused especially “on holiday”. He didn’t buy it one bit!
I actually do remember him giving them to me, now that I have had my coke and am more awake. I was having so much fun in chat last night, and what was supposed to be a “reset” actually turned out to be much more FUN than I can write on my blog. My “count” can sometimes get away from me.
 I know I took advantage and I will admit that (I have come a long way). I will also remind him though, I was respectful of him, and my attitude and demeanor has changed so much that my family took notice and mentioned it several times.
That has to count for something? I think it should count for all the cigarettes and lil misdemeanors I might have made while “on holiday”!