Tuesday, November 11, 2014


    We are in a good place. NO! I take that back, we are in a great place! It is not perfect but it is perfect for us right now. I think tonight about all of the obstacles we have overcome. How much our love and relationship has grown even though we have been together almost half of my life!
    I knew DD could maybe possibly help us. I had no idea how much though. It has surpassed all that I could possibly have imagined. Now I am not saying that it is going to stay that way because as I have learned over the last year and a half, it is ever changing. As we also change or grow. There are ups and downs, highs and lows, but regardless we have learned to work together through the lows and truly enjoy and embrace the highs.
     This weekend was a milestone for us well it was for me anyway. It wasn’t planned, rehearsed, even thought about. It was a beautiful morning just a little too cold for me, while we were just beginning our day we started talking. Now don’t get me wrong, we always talk, but this talk just kinda took a life of its own. I am not sure how it even began.  I have never had an issue saying what I feel really well… until we started DD. I actually became embarrassed to discuss certain things and pretty much have been that way since the start. If I had a difficult time expressing my feelings about something, when I had the courage, I would email Lee. I did so much better in emails. One thing about my emails I do not edit or proofread them, I type what is exactly in my head at the moment and go with it. It is one of the few times I try not to overthink. Lee says I overthink things. I do not try to make it sound good or bad. I just tell it like it is, the way I feel. Mostly it has nothing to do with Lee, it is just my feelings about what might be going on at the time.
     This problem I have of not being able to actually talk to him about something that might seem embarrassing or taboo has made some talk difficult. I know, I know, how in the world can anything be taboo, my gosh woman the man sp**** you! Well some things just are.
     We both just seemed to open up and say what we felt. We just started talking it wasn’t scheduled, planned, or even something I had planned to bring up. It just happened. We both talked about how we have grown, how things have changed, and some things we both want to explore further. We both spoke of thoughts and desires we have, most of them most private. Lee was receptive to mine as well as me being receptive to his. It was actually a lil funny how so many things we both desire neither really told the other. Yes there were some things he had told me or spoken about in the past, but usually when something came up that I was a little uncomfortable or embarrassed by would be hard to discuss, I would get quiet so some of the time we would end up just skimming the topic. Remember I was Vanilla! This time I was totally comfortable with what we were discussing.  Of course he has always seemed more comfortable than I on certain subjects, but this time I was good with it.
     After our two hour talk, I came away feeling so blessed, to have a husband that truly can listen that considers my thoughts & feelings.  A man that doesn’t think he knows all the answers, and doesn't pretend to, one that believes there is always more to learn, and will research or chat to learn more, one that realizes we change over time so adjustments might need to be made, one that doesn’t believe there is just one way to do things, knows there are many . He can easily tell me how he feels, he doesn’t groan if I say can we talk. I do not have to compete with the TV, laptop, or phone (I do know better not to suggest we need to talk during an SEC football game). I am blessed to have a husband who “gets me”. I am thankful that he is who he is. Now do not get me wrong he is NOT Perfect! But he was awfully close this day. LOL! Again though, things are ever changing.
     I wanted to just write my feelings mostly today, because many of my post can be not so great, not being on the same page, frustrations, inconsistency. This is a Happy post, maybe the next one will be also, one never knows.


  1. Yayyy! Aw this is such a cute post. I can tell how happy you are just from reading this. Love and miss ya guys! :)

  2. You two are not only a wonderful couple you are amazing individuals.
    I am so happy to be able to call both of you a friend :)
    ~ MrBB

  3. Love reading about the growth of your relationship Honey! It is real, raw and simply beautiful! You and Lee both care enough to work hard at your relationship through the up's and down's and because of that loving foundation you two will continue to challenge each other and grow beyond boundaries that you ever thought were possible. Much love and happiness to you sweetie! -Alexsgirl ;)

  4. Kenzie- Thanks sweetie, we miss you guys too!
    MrBB- Aweeee Thanks MrBB you know how much all of you guys have helped us.
    Alexsgirl- Thank you very much for your sweet kind comment!
    We are a work in progress and as long as we communicate & keep focused on one another it can only get better & better!

  5. I really enjoyed your blog Honey. It is amazing how we can feel so in tune with our HoHs at times and the discussions we have, the openness we feel, the things we discover are truly amazing. I never knew DD would make such a difference in my life. I knew it would change my marriage, the way I thought about us but my life feels so much richer and happier. I am so glad you and Lee are enjoying your journey as much as SK and I are enjoying ours. Different people, different needs, but still journeys that take us where we want to be. Congratulations on your kinda, sorta, new relationship. ;) Ladybrittany