Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Real or Fake??

Why is it I am so suspicious? I know I have met people before that have been not at all who they claimed to be. I have never understood why someone would pretend to be someone or something they are not.

I am mostly talking about when “chatting” with someone. I understand chatting and getting to know others through chat. I have been fortunate to meet other couples. What I do not understand is why would someone pretend? I just am baffled why someone would not be true to themselves. I mean if you want to pretend to be in a DD or D/s relationship that seems rather pathetic to me. Why not be who you truly are or be honest especially when chatting with others? What do you gain from it?

Most people I chat with could care less if someone is in a relationship that is the same as theirs, every relationship is different anyway.  We all do things different, as we should. We know what works for our relationship, others do not.

It seems to me lately, some of the folks just come in to hear a sp****** story, or to say something for Shock Value. Some come in under many different names. Why? What is it that they are looking for?

When I first came to chat the people that were in there were so helpful to me. I was not in a DD or D/s relationship when I first came in. I asked so many questions, and everyone was so helpful. I am sure I drove some crazy with all of the questions I asked.

I am no expert at DD or D/s I do not pretend to be. Even after three years Off & On I still ask questions. Asking someone’s opinion on something doesn’t mean Lee or I have to take their advice, but I do think it can make interesting and sometimes helpful conversation. In the process of us or anyone asking a question it can lead to something someone else could be thinking about or having difficulty with.

I have recently read a few blogs I had never read before. I used to read blogs all of the time. I certainly miss some of the ones that are no longer out there. When reading these blogs I might agree or disagree with what the author says. When I say disagree I mean for our relationship Not theirs. I am surprised by some of the Blogs that seem to be a Do it this way, or You Must do this…. I am shocked when it doesn’t start off with “This worked for us” or “We tried this it really helped or was a Huge Fail”. When someone has the audacity to tell you exactly what you should be doing, that is a big RED flag for me. There is not a one size fits all DD or D/s Manual! You should not follow what someone writes because it could lead you astray from the dynamic that works best for you in your relationship. Just remember what fits their dynamic does not necessarily fit yours or mine. Helpful hints, people talking or blogging about their own experiences and the results whether beneficial or not I love. The ones that appear to think they are experts I will stay clear of. I am actually suspicious of them. LOL

Authenticity (not my word) is so important to me it seems to be quite rare these days. Such a shame. Just remember you know your own dynamic and what is best for your relationship. Ok my little rant is over. Can you tell I really need a Vacation!!!!!  LOL