Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

Hoping all of my lovely DD friends had a wonderful Christmas! I know I have. Well… mostly I have. It can get a little complicated when you are staying with your parents and also have your mil with you for a little over a week. I start feeling a little “off”, it also doesn’t help when Lee tells me he has to leave the country again! It has been awhile but I wasn’t expecting this trip. He doesn’t leave for 2 weeks but I am already dreading it.
I have received some wonderful Christmas gifts from my friends that I have met in chat. We have become “real” friends as well not just DD and not just chat friends. I will share those with ya’ll as soon as I get back home I want to take some pics of them to share. I just love all well… almost all of them. I will explain that later.
As I was saying I am feeling a little off, not very tih’y at all. It is difficult at home when Princess is there, but really difficult when your mother in law (who is a wonderful sweet woman) is staying with you for over a week and then we all go to my family’s out of town for a week! No time for one another. No just “us” time. UGH! Too many people around all of the time, and the walls are very thin here.
It seems when I am back home with my family I go back not to my bossy demanding sweet self, just feeling very disconnected. Mostly because there is not much alone time I suppose. Then it starts going through my head, why do I need this lifestyle? Will we pick up where we left off? Do we start from the beginning again? I know my family has noticed a change in our relationship, they have made comments about it. They also have noticed a change in Lee. I know he has changed, I have changed, we have changed. We both have changed and it has made our relationship so much better.
I know I am kind of rambling I don’t mean to just seems to help me to write my feelings down it seems. I am hoping we pick up right where we left off before so much family & company was around. I guess we shall see.
Hoping all of my sweet friends had the most Merry Christmas! I am lucky to have met so many of you and thankful how you helped myself and Lee grow so much in our relationship.  I wish you all of the best for 2014! 

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  1. I was wondering the same thing about picking back up after the holiday and return to normalcy and privacy. hope it's a smooth transition honey. muah