Friday, January 3, 2014

Our First DD Christmas!!!!!!

Wow! What a wonderful Christmas this year. It is not as much fun shopping for your college aged children as it was when they were little. I have to say shopping and making things for some of my DD friends we have met in chat was the most fun I have had in quite awhile. I enjoyed it so much and I know Lee did as well.
We received a package and OMGosh! This couple really pays attention, they really “know” you. It was so heartwarming to know these friends that we have never met in person but have spoke with on the phone, in chat, on skype, and text really do know us! I honestly almost cried, I received some wonderful items some very special t-shirts that I absolutely love, in the most perfect place was the word “Rosie” on my lovely t shirts, I only wear the pretty one, the other has FIRE all around the word “Rosie” I don’t think I should wear that one. My crystal wine stoppers are absolutely beautiful, and anyone who knows me knows I like my wine,  my angel nite light that is absolutely beautiful and gives off just the perfect amount of light and reflection. Lee received some things that had to do with golf which he absolutely loves.  Also the strangest looking leather fly swat and a red rubber heart shaped spatula. I say one is only to be used outside in the summer when the flies try to invade our picnic and the other belongs in the kitchen. Lee totally disagrees! We received a fabulous dinner invitation from another couple who we have met a few times and and what a great cook she is! I am so glad we live close enough to visit often because once the holiday season calms down I am hoping we can have more get togethers. We had the most wonderful time, well…. I overdid it on the cotton candy martini’s but they were so very good. They also gave us a Christmas present made of rubber in the cutest lil bag that said u have been naughty with coal in it. I say the rubber spatula is to use in the kitchen but Lee says to use on my bottom just like those other two! I totally know those were not meant for my bottom. Another pkg in the mail, was from another couple that we have met and have become good friends with or so I thought until we opened it!!!! A beautiful white fluffy fuzzy cover with a light blue wooden handle sticking out, as I pulled it out of the beautiful fluffy cover it was a hand painted paddle with bees and lil bee hives all over it! On the back it read “You are my feisty baby You’ll be over my knee. You’ll have a “Rosie” bottom You are my Honey Bee!” It was absolutely beautiful but wait… I thought we were friends!!!!!! We don’t do wood, as I am still yes wait for it… kinda sorta somewhat new to this! This paddle is pretty But OMGosh very thick I mean very thick!!! I know it was meant just for decoration, Lee says yes for decorating my a**!!!!! No, we don’t do wood!!!!!
Lee & I sent out a few presents as well, a personalized ping pong paddle but no rubber or anything soft on it at all! Not my fault, I would have put pretty feathers on it! Also, my sweet tih friends received an angel pin wearing a halo, because we all know they are truly angels. There were a few more things but I know this post is way toooo long.

I have to say this year Christmas was so much fun giving & receiving with my wonderful friends I have met. I cannot wait for next Christmas!!!


  1. whoa baby you've got quite the pile of new cooking utensils there :-P

  2. You've got some pretty awesome friends! ;)
    Lova ya girl! ~Cat

  3. I have AMAZING friends!!! I feel so blessed to have met some and look forward to meeting more of them!!! LUCKY ME!!!!!