Sunday, May 1, 2016

And The Envelope Please…

 It has been quite a long time since I have written on my blog. I am thinking that is a “Good” thing. Maybe it just means things are just going along quite nicely. WRONG! Lol.

Actually things have been quite well, we have managed for the most part to stay on course well lately we have. We like most everyone else I speak with have our ups & downs, on & offs. We deal with those “real life” situations like everyone else.
Lee is traveling for work and has been away 20 days, only one more to go! This trip seems to have went by quicker than the previous ones. I think mostly because I have been a bit busier, and on the weekends I have had something to do for two out of the three. I have my DD friends who have been great about checking in with me, sending me funny messages, texts and phone calls, you guys have no idea how much easier you make it when he is away so long. You are the most amazing Support Group! Thank you!

This time in his travels away, I felt Lee was a bit more engaged while he was away. Before he left, he had I guess I would call it a list of things he wanted me to do or work on while he was away. These were not all tasks some were FUN things he wanted me to do while he was away. We discussed them, well he discussed, I listened. He knows me, I get Bored very easily, and then when I get bored it is not always a Good thing. I can let my mind wander and go to places it really has no place going.

One of the things Lee did different on this trip was he left me seven sealed envelopes. He instructed me to not open any of them until the week before he arrived home. I have to say I have Surprised myself as I have only opened one of them before I should have!

I had no idea what was inside the envelopes, I just know it is a request/order of something he wants me to do. I really kinda find it exciting! I also feel how damn thoughtful. I know it is something so simple, but it just meant to me… he is really trying to let me feel his presence while 8000 miles away.

I opened Envelope #1- (they are in no particular order he said, but they are numbered???) I did open this one actually the night before I should have. Talk about disappointment, the request/order was to make sure there were clean sheets on the bed when he arrived home. REALLY??? I mean I have always done that, always! OK well maybe that is kinda Payback for opening the envelope earlier than I should have. KARMA

Envelope #2-WOW this one is a bit different! There were explicit instructions, on me planning a meal for his arrival, what I am to be wearing, how my hair is to be styled, and the candles are to be lit. (I wonder does planning mean cooking? I am sure it doesn’t otherwise he would have said cook a meal) lol!

Envelope #3-This request/order was again kinda like envelope #1 something I would do anyway, it is a bit of pampering myself, that is always nice, nothing like a good mani/pedi and well one other thing that I chose to do on my own at the start of this but it seems like it is something he likes very much now. It isn’t the same relaxing feeling as a mani/pedi but the results are sooo worth it IMO, must be his opinion also. He then goes on to tell me a few things that will happen the night he arrives home! (He will be exhausted, I know this man)

Envelope #4-UGH! I am not sure I will be able to complete this one before he arrives home. Send him an email about what my wildest dreams or an experience I think about. He wants Details! That can be kinda sexy and at the same time a lil unnerving for me anyway, heck maybe for him also. If he only knew, Lol

Envelope #5-Surprised! I am really surprised about this one, it is a bit much to talk about, it has to do with well “FUN” stuff but something I have not done before without him. He even gives a specific time to do this.

Envelope #6-Shocked! No way can I do this at work! I don’t even have enough experience with this to feel comfortable with it. I think we have used this once maybe twice and that didn’t really work out very well. I must talk to him about this, I just can’t. It sounds like it could be FUN but more Fun at home and with him, I will need to talk about this with him. He agreed that I can wait until he is home and he is more than Happy to assist me!

Envelope #7-L Wear my hair up at work all day!!! UGH, I know he loves my hair up, I do not like my hair up, but being kinda sorta somewhat an almost Perfect tih I certainly will honor his request/order.

Basically the way this envelope thing as simple as it is. The result made me really feel him near me, making his requests/orders. I believe it made me know how much thought he put into this. I know these are simple or things that most people would find silly or not necessary, but for me it meant he took the time to think this out, made the effort, and try really hard to keep us connected when so far apart from one another.

I realized that even with the simplest basic requests/orders he by doing this made me feel “special”. Now don’t get me wrong he has always made me feel pretty special, loved, & cherished. Maybe the word would be engaged, it can be very difficult for me to feel his presence when we are away from one another for so long.

 Now it has me thinking… What can I do for him to let him know how special he is to me, how I love, appreciate & cherish him. I believe it is just as important to let your HOH know what they mean to you. They shouldn’t just be “doing” for you, that seems quite selfish and rather unfulfilling for the HOH IMO. It Makes me want to step up a bit more, and let him have these same wonderful feelings I do. It really meant more to me than I realized. Thank You Lee! 


  1. Please go on writing.

  2. That was a sweet comment I bet you are one of my close friends that i truly do know. I have sweet friends, they can be brutally honest but they are still sweet. Thank you.

  3. Loved this. :) I have this idea down on a list if the Duke and I ever have to be separated for a while, but hearing about it sounds so much better than I imagined. :) Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. By the way, love how it made you feel, and that you could feel his presence with you while he was still away. Though, I would have been a bit disgruntled over clean sheets as well. lol

  4. Thank you EsMay I think the part I loved the most is honestly that he came up with this all on his own. He thought it out and made the effort. It meant a lot to me for him to surprise me with this. Three weeks can seem like Forever at times, this actually helped as simple as it was it did Help.

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