Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not Spanking Brand New??

            It has been awhile since I have posted. There has been much going on with our new life together. And for the most part it has been wonderful. I had been visiting my family for several days before Lee came.
          When Lee arrived after I had, one of his first questions was “Honey, how are you doing on your smoking?”  Mmmmm… with my sweetest smile I replied, “pretty well”, a lie, he knew it was a lie. Well he has stepped into this new role of HOH with really no problem, he made it quite clear from his actions, I will start now taking him serious on this and it is not a game to him. I got it, I really got it.  I actually spoke with some of my wonderful chat friends, asking how do you make it stop burning and why does it still feel this way after so long? They offered solutions on how I could try and become more comfortable. I am so grateful for my friends.
 A few days later I thought I am going to play the perfect little joke on my Lee. I was giving Lee the best massage (we both love massages). I was using lotion on his arms and back, as he was lying there so relaxed. I had a “special” cream I had purchased, I slowly and quietly started massaging this cream on his backside, well he didn’t say anything, so I applied more, same thing didn’t say anything, so again I applied a lot! Well then he said what kind of lotion is that? I couldn’t contain myself I busted out laughing! Replying in my most innocent voice, “maybe you are having an allergic reaction to it”. He said, “Great little trick Honey” and seemed okay at first. I ended up getting it on my face, had difficulty putting contacts in the next day, even though I washed my hands at least 10 times. Well I will just say he was very, very uncomfortable the rest of the night even into the next day. He didn’t think it was a cute lil joke anymore. Uh Oh!
After leaving my family’s we headed to our favorite place the beach! Just the two of us, first time in so many years we have had a week together alone. This week has been so wonderful; we have grown so much together. I am learning to open up more by starting our sit down discussions.
I have to admit I can be a little sassy well sometimes a lot sassy, Lee decided one night he had enough. Uh Oh!
Well we have neighbors right next door to us they are in a tent. Yes we are in a nice trailorminium (lol), but face it the walls are thin. I begged I pleaded please, please don’t, they will hear I know they can hear. He didn’t seem to care well actually it was quite obvious he didn’t care who heard. I said, “I didn’t mean it, I was teasing, I am still learning, I am new to this!” He let me know real quickly, “Honey you are not brand sp****** new anymore!” Afterwards he held me, he applied the “good” lotion and said, “Yes Honey we are new to this lifestyle but you are not new to sp****** anymore.”
I have not been able to look in the direction of our tent neighbors since that night, I am so glad they left today. Now I just need to stay out of trouble a couple of more days, so the new neighbors don’t hear anything.
I have to admit it, I was pretty impressed afterwards that he didn’t care who heard and just did what he thought was right, I had no control and could not sway, bribe, or manipulate him at all. How or Why in the world did I ever doubt my Lee could be my HOH?? Wow, we have come a long way.
Sorry such a long post, I just had so much to say.


  1. Honey I can sooo relate to being so surprised at how much they step up as an HoH.

    I think it's so great you guys are at the point you are at, and im sure it will just keep getting better and better!

  2. Oh my goodness, you put cap cream on his butt? I am laughing so hard right now!

  3. Hahaha omg lol

    I hate that cream, it lingers for so long and water only makes it worse. But you are brave for doing it, I wouldn't be sitting for a week if I tried that lol

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and be good x