Monday, June 10, 2013

My Chat Family is the BEST

We have found the most wonderful place to chat with like minded people. This is not something I can just talk about with my friends or family, they would never understand. I am not even sure how I stumbled upon the chat room, and I really don’t know how I got the courage to chat on it. I had never chatted before heck I wasn’t even sure what a blog was! The people we have met and chatted with have all been so helpful and supportive to Lee and I. There are people that have been living this lifestyle for years, some practicing it for a little while, some just beginning, and some wanting to begin. Regardless of how long, married, single, same sex relationships all of the people I have chatted with have been nothing but just wonderful. A friend I chat with quite a bit suggested I post a chat Lee was having with a woman “G” who wanted to bring this lifestyle up to her husband but was apprehensive about it. I was out of town when they chatted but “my friends” emailed me the chat because they liked hearing his perspective and that he was opening up and trying to help “G”.

Lee: If I may, I would like to share our story ...
Lee: Honey is very strong willed. So am I, but chose to focus it on work 
Lee: there is no need to have two chiefs in the household. I chose to sit back, and be strong at work 
Lee: Honey at the time and I think for most households feel the mom is the control center 
Lee: for our children, we needed compromise 
Lee: it’s tough, you don’t want to mix messages. We try like all families 
Lee: unfortunately during this time you tend to grow apart focusing your lives around your children...all intentions well intended 
Lee: but, unfortunately you do not nurture your own relationship. You get married cuz she is the one! Oh my, she is my life. That is a whole different story 
Lee: then as usual time goes by in a flash and you lose touch with the very person you wanted to begin this life with and grow old with 
Lee: so, in my life I buried myself in my work. I have to admit and not afraid too, I am damn good at my job 
Lee: unfortunately and not intentional it required Honey to be the head of our family. I traveled and lived out of the country 3-4 months out of each year for the past 11 years! 
Lee: not necessarily great for a family other than financial.  I’m very successful, but lost sight of the true importance of our life 
Lee: Honey told me twelve hours later from a three week trip on Sept. 30th that she was not happy and needed more, she wanted a separation. WOW, i was immune and did not see this coming as I became complacent and just expeced 
Lee: She did not share at that time what and how she felt 
Lee: It took another agonizing four more months and another trip to out of the country before she finally opened up to me n Feb of 2013. I at the time had just about given up 
Lee: she was driving back from a getaway which was regular at the time and hated coming home to a house that was empty! 
Lee: it was strong of her to share this and all I could do was cry and not let her know my weakness. I told her I wanted to talk and hear the truth when she got home. Had to hear it face to face 
Lee: we talked for hours. She told me all of the feelings, websites, etc and it floored me. 
Lee: Honey s my world and completes me in so many ways I owed her the respect in return. 
Lee: She sent me countless emails with hyper links, I read and reread 
Lee: researched as much as I could 
Lee: I ended up going on yet another out of the country trip for 3 more weeks in April and extended to four weeks while there. During that time, she continued to send Hyperlinks and I would print and 
Lee: We talked daily, about us, the forums, the chat rooms and how important it was to her 
Lee: I was compelled by her will and energy. She was my energy. My Life and my future. 
Lee: We are where we are because of her strength to share G 
Lee: I hope this resonates and helps u somehow. 
Lee: Okay all, I am done spilling my guts! 
Lee: G, What I did not share was that I thought all was lost and was destined to divorce

I am happy to say “G” has been talking to her husband about this change she would like to pursue in their marriage. Not because of what Lee said but because of something she feels deep inside. I do believe though the people in our chat family helped by giving her support and encouragement. I just LOVE my chat family!!


  1. You have a very wise man there, who is very brave to spill his guts like that :)

    This community is wonderful. A bunch of people all striving to better their relationships, all in there own way, doing this thing we do :)

    Thank you for sharing this x

  2. Great post Ashley

    You forgot to tell every one the silence in the chat room when he was telling his story you could hear a pin drop and I suspect not a dry eye in the house with the women either.
    But I wouldn't know any thing about that I was to busy pming everyone in the chat room on what Lee was saying. You got a good man there kiddo


  3. What a great guy Lee is to share such a personal part of himself! He was nothing short of inspirational to *G* and all those who witnessed him sharing his story.
    You are blessed Honey. Lee has the makings of a fine HOH!!

  4. I love your story and I'm so glad you shared it! ((hugs))

    Jason's Girl

  5. He's a great guy for sharing something so close and personal, and you're great as well. :) Love the story, thanks for sharing it!

  6. Hi, Honey. Great new blog! Wonderful story thus far. Welcome!


  7. Honey, thanks for sharing yours & Lee's story with us. I am so happy that this has brought you two way closer. Glad you have support from your chat family too ;)

  8. I remember talking with you Honey when you first arrived in the Chat Room.
    You have an fantastic man, and it's been such a pleasure getting to know both of you better.
    And, even in that first chat I knew you have an amazing story to share. So glad you have decided to give of yourself and share your lives with all of us here on your blog and in the room.
    We're blessed you found us :)
    Your friend,
    B Blazer (MrBB)