Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crazy Is Back!!!!!!!

         Are u kidding me? I can’t believe he hasn’t been gone for 24 hours and I am already missing him, us, I am not liking this feeling whatsoever. When I get like this it makes me question this way of life for us or me. Whenever he left before on these business trips, it honestly has not bothered me in many years. Now after starting DD it seems to make me crazy. I feel anxious, irritable, kind of sad. I don’t like these feelings sometimes I think was it better when I had really no feelings when he left? I know that is not good either but this feeling is sometimes more than I really care to deal with.
          I am a strong woman, I always have been, then when these feelings creep in… I start to feel I don’t know weak. I don’t like it at all.
          Ok I need to stop with the whining I know it. I need to become productive instead of wallowing in my self pity. I can do this, I am woman I am strong Hear me Roar! I need to get busy, I have many things I could tackle around the house, I could catch up on a few television shows (I am so behind on). I could go have dinner with friends, I could go paint another picture. So many choices I have, I need to decide and get busy.
          Isn’t it funny when they are here sometimes you just need your space and then when they are away you just want them as close to you as they can get. This might be a very long couple of weeks for me if I don’t choose to get it together. It is my choice on how I react to it, I need to make some good choices.

          I think I will just have a glass of wine or three!!!!!!

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