Sunday, January 26, 2014

Worse Than a Spanking!

He’s home!!!!! Lee finally made it back, I was so happy to see him and our kids who are not kids anymore made sure they were home or came home to see him. We both are so happy they were both home for the weekend to greet & spend time with him/us. I just wish I had some alone time with him.
He let me know before coming home if the girls were here, I would “feel” that he is home, for a few of my transgressions. He said he planned to use the capsaicin cream. O OK my thoughts were it cannot be that bad. If you recall I played a lil practical joke on Lee this summer while giving him a massage, I kinda sorta somewhat accidently ended up sneaking some of that cream on his bottom during the massage. When he didn’t react to it, I used more and same nothing, so I again put more on him, he then reacted!!!!
Friday night he never said anything about using the cap cream I certainly didn’t mention it. Then Saturday night, when we were getting into bed he said turn over on your tummy, I am going to place a lil bit of this cream on you. I laughed and said no you are not. He popped me a good one said we will use the cream tonight or the girls are going to hear you get a sp******. I turned over.
He used just a lil bit it seemed and I lie there for a bit just noticing a small bit of tingling, then it got worse, and worse, and worse. It was awful. I couldn’t be still, I certainly couldn’t get comfortable, I couldn’t touch it. It was horrible. After a lil more than 2 hours Lee could tell the agony I was in. It was almost unbearable to me. He told me to come in the bathroom and used a little soft soap with a towel to try and get some off, still burning Lee! Then he said coconut oil lets rub coconut oil on it, I was scared so scared it would make it worse. I did what he suggested and OMGosh it helped! I was finally after a bit able to finally fall asleep like at 3 a.m.
The next morning one of our children made the comment she didn’t sleep very well last night, Lee told her smiling your mom didn’t sleep well last night either. She asked why? And before I could say anything he just giggled saying she had a very hard time getting comfortable.
That was my first and hopefully last experience with that dreadful cream. It was excruciating. I actually felt so bad this morning thinking of me playing my lil joke on Lee with it. I had put so much more on him and I  couldn’t tell him enough how sorry I am, that I did that to you, I had no idea it was that bad.
So  any of you that have never used  it, don’t be curious.  I kinda was. Not anymore! It was so uncomfortable and just kept getting more intense, there was no way I could possibly have had any aftercare or tenderness I was so out of sorts. I just really had no clue how painful that cream could really be. I am not curious about anything anymore! Please let’s just stick to the basics. BTW it is still stinging just a bit but it still is.


  1. Ashley/Honey,
    That's a very interesting story. I have had some curiosity about the cap cream before but this helps quell some of the curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat, right? Nahh, if so, I should be dead by now :) I hope the derriere fire moves on!

  2. Lol, okay don't hate me but I was laughing a bit throughout part of this post remembering when you tricked him with the cap cream. It sucks doesn't it?! I say throw it out when he's not paying attention. Just kidding of course *wink wink.* ;)

    I'm so glad he's home! Yay!

  3. foothills- yes curiosity killed the cat!
    kenz - I am sure you were giggling, I giggled so much the night I played my lil practical joke, I have realized now it was not that funny! Well... kinda sorta somewhat, LOL

  4. We've never tried it, and so glad now that I've read your post! EEEEK!!!!!!! I guess you live and learn!


  5. Ouch! I have very sensitive skin and it would probably hurt me very bad!

    Sorry he used it on you, but I bet you know prefer spankings! :)


  6. Umm hi just wanted to say thank you ik you probably blog this long ago might not even see it but i going to comment anyways. Heres why i am saying thank you:

    So my daddy got this awful awful cream awhile back and used it on me once it was awful very awful. Well i am sort of a masochist so i am very curious an very eager to get spanked until i am actually getting spanked. Anyways i am not currently with my daddy right now and the way my daddy diciplines me when i away and very extremely bad is with the cream but i havent been that bad to get it. Well once but still i only apllied a tiny tiny bit. But early this night i was craving a spankin from daddy but he is not here anyways i forgot what the cream felt like an was like oh let me remind myself. Terrible Terrible TERRIBLE idea first off i applied way to much because i forgot it took awhile to start. Well it came an it was ok then i went to sleep feeling satisfied then i woke up to find my ass on fire. And i couldnt take it so so so so much pain. It had increased over the night so much. I ran around searching for how to cool my ass off i forgot what my daddy said was the key to cooling it. So then i web searched and through searching i came across your blog. Oil of course i remembered something about oil. I went on a rampage searching for oil. How can i not have no damn oil in my room i tried using oil hair spray, then vaseline,(i was desparate) neither of which work. Then i finally found some oil of course it wasnt coconut oil but i didnt care it was oil. I rubbed like so much on it an it took a bit but i could feel some of the flames of that awful cream going decreasing and then slowly but surely nothing. *sigh of relief*. I learned my lesson curiosity does indeed kill the cat. Thats why i am saying thank you because reading your blog saved my ass literally.