Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DD Dinner Date

I was so very excited Saturday, after texting with Cat my good friend on chat, just out of the blue, I asked hey do ya’ll want to meet for dinner tonight or tomorrow? We are going to meet again, YAY! This time for dinner, and this time with our husbands (hoh’s). I just couldn’t wait, I have only met her once in reality but we talk, text, and chat quite a bit with one another. I am not really nervous or apprehensive about meeting her HOH, I am just so excited to be seeing her again. Lee doesn’t seem nervous or apprehensive at all either.
We are driving, on our way to meet our friends. As we are getting closer, I am thinking to myself, I wonder what he is really like. I hope I make a good impression, I hope they like each other. I wonder if he is going to be way too Hoh’y? Can I say that? Yep, I can, it is my blog. I need to be on my best behavior. I hope Cat likes Lee, surely she will everyone likes Lee. I hope Alec likes me. That would be terrible if only Cat & I liked each other.
          We are entering the parking lot at exactly the same time, Cat is waving. I am so excited to see her again. I had to run to the restroom so I didn’t see when Alec & Lee met. I entered the bar and there they all were!!! Wow. I am now meeting Alec, mycats Alec. Such a gentleman, stands up as most good men do in the south, we hug and all have a toast!!!
          While waiting for our table we talk, laugh, tease, joke around with one another. Cat & I disappear outside for a lil smoke break, (we are working very hard on quitting). Lucky us! Alec & Lee are so very happy to assist us with this. Anyway back to the dinner, Cat & I outside just chatting away like we have known each other forever, we can tell they are hitting it off, no doubt. But we both had already decided well if they don’t, too bad, cause we certainly have. They will just have to make the best of it LOL!
          You really never know who you are talking to in chat, someone you might be telling all of your deep dark secrets, frustrations, or desires to. People you ask questions or have dialog with, people who might be the only ones that know this private lifestyle you might be living. Some you might become closer to than others, maybe because you have similar interests, age, issues, and/or just click with. People I feel like I have become close to, people I seem to trust, people that I now consider my friends, they are my chat friends.  But... do I really know these people? Are they who they portray to be?  Well I have only met Alec & Cat so far  but I can tell you these two people are exactly who they portray in chat, exactly. Cat had also said the same thing about Lee. It was very nice to see my chat friends who have now become my real life friends also. I just wanted you all to know, my experience with meeting my chat friends in real life was spectacular, It could not have went any better. Well except for maybe the water spray across the table!!

Ok, my turn.
Going back...the whole ride to dinner, Honey & I are texting as our hubbies are driving. You'd think we might want to save something to talk about when we see each other. Turns out that will never be a problem. Lol
We arrive at our destination and I get my first look at Lee. He's taller than I expect. (Don't know why.) As Honey said of Alec, he's a perfect gentleman. The guys meet and we go into the bar while we wait to be seated. 

Can I say it was like meeting old friends? It was normal and natural.  Little did I know at the time we'd spend the next 4 hours making memories that still have me giggling. 

We were seated at a large table and greeted by our waitress, Mona Lisa. Seriously, I'm not making this up! She took our drink orders and we let her know from the start we may be there a while. 
Conversation flowed easy and fun. We talked about anything and everything. We touched lightly on the DD lifestyle in hushed tones (well, not really hushed if you've ever heard Alec & Lee together).  Not seconds later, our new friend, Mona Lisa asks if she could sit in the corner with us. We all roared with laughter.  
The food was good though I couldn't tell you what I ate. As the evening progresses the lovely, Mona Lisa begins deferring to our hubbies on whether or not Honey & I are allowed to have more drinks. Are we that obvious? Lol. 

The evening continued as we shared stories and laughter and plans for next time. Yep, we'll be meeting again. I for one, am looking forward to it!! 

** Just want to add a note on meeting in real life. Honey, Lee, Alec and myself worked up to an in person meeting. It was a long and gradual process. We began in chat, added e-mails to a 'safe' e-mail address, progressed to phone calls and after a good while agreed that meeting in person was the right next step for us. While we both lead  DD lifestyles , over time, we discovered we had much more in common. Those are the things that will anchor our friendships. Having DD in common, well that's just a bonus. 


  1. Yay! I get to be first to comment!
    Our visit was great fun! I still giggle as I think over it.
    Looking very forward to 'next time'!
    ((Hugs)) ~Cat

  2. Wow. That's really awesome! It's so very hard as a couple to find another couple where everybody clicks. Glad this is working out great for all of you!

  3. Cat- yes I can still see the water spewing all over u and Alec!!!! LOL
    Tomsrose- yes it is wonderful!!!!!

    1. Lol...I left the spewing out! That was so funny!!

  4. that is great I am so glad you all had a good time. you all are lucky to get to meet part of the misfit family lol. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall no hell I wish I lived closer to someone lol. No really congrats.

  5. such fun! That's great you guys :)

  6. I love how you described your thoughts and fears on the way. Brice and I are meeting Lucy and Ryan in December. It is sometimes hard to believe we haven't actually ever met in person, because like you said we share more here than we ever would with our 'flesh' friends. ;)

  7. Thats so wonderful being able to connect with friends face to face! I'm jealous!! Lol