Sunday, September 1, 2013

O Boy!! I Talk Too Much!!!

          This is a very private lifestyle for us, besides most that know us would never believe it anyway. Well… last night I kinda let the cat outta the bag. I came to visit and watch SEC football with my lil sis. We love SEC football, and our team the Georgia Bulldogs!!! She loves having me here to watch the games with her, most in her state are Roll Tide fans! My sis and I were out having a blast, the bartender has a “Roll Tide” shot so my sis suggested to her to make a “Bulldawg” shot. She did and we drank them, actually we had 4! I don’t drink shots, I hadn’t eaten all day, not a good combination.
          As the night moved on and cheering for our team (even though they lost L) we were having a blast, then something came up about so what are you and Lee up too? You seem so much happier. I had told her in July we were trying a different lifestyle that was working for us, but that is all I said. Well, after too many drinks, no food, and 4 shots, she kept asking. I told her I just can’t tell you, I have friends I talk to about this. She said you are talking to strangers but you can’t talk to me! I explained this is just too personal.
She kept on and on, in her cute lil pushy way, we are so much alike!! I just started talking a lil, saying well he is the leader of our home now. She doesn’t ever give up, she was asking so like what I know you are not swingers, BDSM? I just kept hem and hawing around finally I said, I think I like sp******, but not the bad kind!! She lol and said what is the bad kind? Then she was like he punishes you? She actually said I get it! She said I bet most of these women you speak to are like us strong women, maybe executives, high pressure jobs, leaders of some sort. I said not talking anymore! She let it go.

          This morning she was full of questions, she is my wild lil sis but I just had a hard time telling her, I knew she would never understand. We have both always been very strong, independent, don’t let any man ever tell us what to do women. I vaguely told her I have met some people in chat, showed her a couple of blogs just briefly and just left it at that. She wrote down the name of the blogs, then she saw my name (chat name). O my !!! What have I done????


  1. Oh my honey I can see why your stressed about this as I would be too. No one knows about us either except a couple of friends who are also into DD as well. I would be beside myself! Hope it all works out and hey she might end up wanting a relationship just like you and Lee in the end :)

  2. I can see your stress here as well. I have a sister that basically told me what was going on. How she read into it just by being around us without my saying anything knocked my socks off. I didn't even bother denying anything. Sisters sure have a way of getting things out of us :)